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Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema (Cadiz / Malaga)

Benamahoma - White Towns of Andalusia


The owner´s comments

Benamahoma village is located in the reserve area of the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Reserve; it is one of the most attractive corners in the Pueblos Blancos route (white towns) It is on the slope of a small valley surrounded by some impressive escarpments among evergreen oak woods and vegetable gardens.

 A trout river has its source in its surroundings and its course crosses the valley flooding it with the freshness of its limpid water and leafy riverside vegetation.

Arab people, during their eight centuries stay, marked the identity signs of this village; they are reflected on its culture, on the architecture of its houses, the whiteness of the whitewashed fronts, the red colour of the tiles, the use of water, etc.

 The present road that leads us to Benamahoma was made in the 70s; this fact has kept this area isolated as the time has been passing; at the same time, this has let it keep the charm and magic of nature in all its almost intact splendour until nowadays; this very nature that has taken root in the life of a small group of peasants and stockbreeders who have worked their land and exploited their pastures in total harmony with it.

Nowadays, this town has gained some development favoured by a rural tourism that is responsible and respectful with the environment; at the same time, it offers the visitors some comforts like shops, bars and restaurants, as well as a chemist´s, a bank and a modern public swimming pool.

It is at the edge of Benamahoma, in a very calm and wooded area. It has one floor and it has been comfortably equipped with a typical decoration. It has been recently restored and all the equipment completely renewed.


Mushroom forays, Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Caving, Mountaineering, Multi adventure, Horse riding, Hiking.
Hang gliding, Paragliding, Ultralight.

Due to its natural characteristics, trekking routes or other typical mountain activities can be freely practised in the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Reserve.

However, there are several companies in this area which are specialized in organising all kind of active tourism activities like the following ones: bicycle routes, horse rides, hang-gliding or paragliding, speleology, going down canyons, climbing, bungee jumping... etc.

Interesting places

Tourist area of White Towns of Andalusia, Sierra de Grazalema Nature Reserve.

Declared as the Biosphere reserve by the UNESCO, the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Reserve is considered as one of the most beautiful ones of the South of Spain. It is located in some part of the western massif of the Serranía de Ronda, and it is situated between the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga, bordering on the province of Seville.

Due to its central location, you can go to several one-day trips to see and know the main cities and coasts of the West of Andalusia: Arcos, 35 km. away; Ronda, 40 km. away; Jerez, 65 km. away; Cadiz, 100 km. away; Seville, 110 km. away; Malaga, 150 km. away.

Among the numerous marvels that this park has, there is a really exceptional botanical richness with vast woods of evergreen and gall oaks, cork trees and Spanish firs (real living fossil of the tertiary age)

In its rich fauna, there are some extraordinary mammals like wild goats, deer and roebucks; some predators like ichneumons, common otters, foxes and genets; and birds of prey like common vultures, Egyptian vultures, ospreys and golden eagles.

Accommodation located in the tourist area of White Towns of Andalusia, Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema

Nearest Airports:

Jerez (65 km.),
Seville (110 km.),
Gibraltar (120 km.),
Málaga (140 km.)

Railway Station

Jerez (65 km.)